Short CV

1.      Name:                  Donald Angus GILLIES

2.      Date of Birth:      4 May 1944

3.      Education and Degrees:

1962-66:      Major scholar at King’s College Cambridge.  Subjects studied:

1962-64:      Mathematics Part II.  Grade:  First  (Wrangler).

1964-65:      Moral Sciences Part I (General Philosophy).  Grade:  First.

1965-66:      Moral Sciences Part IIB (Logic and Philosophy of Science).                       Grade:  First.

1966-68:      Graduate Student in Professor Sir Karl Popper’s Department at                            the London School of Economics.

1970:          Awarded PhD by Cambridge University.  Title of Thesis:  A                        Critique of von Mises’ Theory of Probability.  Supervisor: Professor Imre Lakatos.

4.      Past and present posts and other professional positions:

1968-71:      Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge.

1971-88:      Lecturer in Philosophy of Science and Mathematics, University of London.  (Chelsea College until its merger in 1985, and then King’s College London.)

1982 (Summer Term)     Visiting Scholar in the Department of Philosophy, Harvard University.

1982-85:     Editor of the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.

1989:          Title of Reader conferred by the University of London.

1994:          Title of Professor of Philosophy of Science and Mathematics conferred by the University of London.

2001-3:       President of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science

2004:          Transferred to University College London

2009:          Retired, and was given title of Emeritus Professor of Philosophy of Science and Mathematics

1962 Aged 18
2009 Aged 65

Reminiscences of Lakatos, Popper, and Feyerabend

When I was doing my PhD in the period 1966-70, I got to know Lakatos, Popper, and Feyerabend quite well. In 2011 I was asked by the students to give a talk about my personal reminiscences of these three notable phlosophers of science. For the text of this talk, click here.