Research Topics

  1. Philosophy of Probability
    1. Propensity Theory of Probability
    2. Intersubjective Probability
    3. Critique of Bayesianism
    4. Non-Bayesian Confirmation Theory
    5. Historical Aspects of Bayesianism
  2. General Questions in Philosophy of Science
    1. Problem of Demarcation
    2. Problem of Induction
  3. Philosophy of Logic and Language
  4. Philosophy of Mathematics
    1. Intuitionism, Constructivism, and Reductionism
    2. An Empiricist Philosophy of Mathematics
    3. Mathematical Growth and Heuristics
    4. Historical Development of Philosophy of Mathematics
  5. Philosophy of Computing
    1. Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence
    2. Philosophy of Information and the Internet 
  6. Philosophy of Science for Medicine
  7. Causality and Causal Networks
  8. Research Assessment and Organisation
  9. Discovery in Science, Mathematics, and Medicine
  10. Revolutions in Science
  11. Philosophy of Economics